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  • Barrow Mix Concrete - Ready Mix Concrete - Manchester, Warrington, Bolton, Stockport, Cheshire, North West

    Concrete Pumping

    Need concrete with difficult access? Leave it to us. We can pump concrete wherever you need it - even to rooms on a first floor. Ideal for footings.

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    Only Pay for what you use

    All our Barrow Mix Concrete wagons are metered so you only pay for the amount of concrete you actually need saving you both time and money.

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    FREE barrowing service

    The Barrow-mix team will barrow your concrete wherever it needs to go; up steps, long runs and wherever you need it. And if we can't barrow it - we'll pump it.

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    If you have never ordered concrete before, it may feel like a minefield to you.

  • What quantity of concrete do I order?
  • How is the concrete delivered?
  • What if I order too much concrete?
  • What will I be charged for the concrete?
  • Can someone lay and level the concrete for me?
  • How do I get the concrete to the back of the house?

  • All of these questions are easily answered when you order from Barrowmix Concrete. We can use your measurements to work out an estimate for the quantity of concrete you require.
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    We mix the concrete quantities you need as we go along and then barrow it to where you need it or we can do straight pours up to 20ft from the wagon - ideal for footings!

    Barrowmix can deliver from 1/2 a cubic metre upwards for all your domestic concrete requirements. Choosing Barrowmix means you can have any quantity of concrete and only pay for what you need.